Hacienda Macalauan Greek Yogurt

All flavors!

I have had many greek yogurts and only actually liked one from S&R. I forgot what its name was, but it was honey flavored and it was so good. The thing was, the stocks of that supermarket was come and go, and more frequently, it was a go. I have never been able it to buy it again after that.

I haven’t been eating a lot of greek yogurt lately but I decided to try this one because I do love the other products of this local brand, Hacienda Macalauan. I do have their cottage cheese and ricotta cheese regularly. I spied the greek yogurt accidentally (I have tried their other yogurts and I am not such a fan of regular yogurt in general) and decided to try it.

The stuff on top

Upon opening the container, I was surprised by how thick it was. Other greek yogurts don’t come this close. And I didn’t realize the honey was at the bottom until I read the pack. I was delighted to find the sweetness in the container all the bottom, like a delightful surprise! I finished that quickly and asked mom to buy some for me the next time she went grocery shopping.

Goodies at the bottom

Oh but I couldn’t wait. I decided to go to the supermarket and buy my own. I tried the other flavors too of strawberry and blueberry, which did not disappoint. I think I will be keeping this a regular of our fridge, even though it is quite expensive.


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