Quick Eats: Buffalo Wild Wings, BGC Uptown Mall

I said we can eat wherever and we ended up choosing this very casual place for lunch. I am generally not a fan of wings, but it will have to do. I am almost always sure I will be able to find something on the menu that I like.

Upon entering the restaurant,, I spied something on the other table that caught my attention. Apparently, my cousin saw it too and we decided to order the sampler. It had onion rings, nachos, wings, mozzarella sticks, and several dips. it looked so good but so unhealthy too.

Starter plate

My cousin and her friend ordered more wings, but I decided to order a chicken wrap. I knew that gnoshing on the appetizer plate was going to keep me happy, but it was also going to make me hungry. As Matt recommended (and yes, he knew we were eating there because we do that kind of thing even when we are out), he recommended that I try the mango habanero sauce. I put it in my wrap. And he had recommendations because this is an New York restaurant and has expanded all over the US since.

The chicken wrap arrived with a side of fries. And my goodness. It killed me. My first bite involved me turning red in the face, looking for some kind of dairy or carbohydrate to kill the heat, getting teary eyed, and gulping water at a steady rate. My cousin’s first bite too was the same kind of deadly. But the last bit of first wrap went down easy.

Their wings, and the vegetables I grabbed after the heat

The second wrap was less challenging that my first bite of the first one, but more challenging altogether. I had to ask for some sour cream to dull the heat, otherwise, it would have killed me.

I love this place. Maybe I would go for a less spicy sauce, but even with the deadly heat, it was really good! I love their appetizer plate too, everything that was fried and unhealthy. I may come back here just to try the other sauces. 🙂 Just the less potent ones. 🙂


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