Sesame Pork Stir-Fry

So this is the third recipe on that day where I came up with just fantastic dishes without thinking too much about anything.

I still have old meat in the freezer and I am wondering what else I can do with those. I looked up pork tenderloin recipe, specifically Chinese ones. Why? I had some more leeks in the fridge that needs to get used up. And I do love having the stir fried leeks in my dish, with their mild onion flavor.

So I saw a recipe that made use of oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, and sesame oil. Though, this one, was also covered in cornstarch like most Chinese dishes, to create a thick sauce. I skipped that part because I really don’t like thick gravies. I tasted my mixture, was happy with it, and marinated the pork slices there. It was there for barely 5 minutes though. I wasn’t too worried. I was going to cook the pork with the marinade anyway.

I first sauteed the leeks in a pan, followed by the green beans, for more variety and veggies. Once halfway cooked, I removed those from the pan, then placed the meat in it, and cooked everything until it was done. I added a bit of broth, for the sauce. I added the leeks and french beans back into the pan to finish cooking. Then it is done. It is very simple to make, and quick too 🙂

really really good

Sesame Pork Stir Fry Recipe

1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon sugar
250 grams of sliced pork tenderloin
1/2 cup leeks, white part only, cut into 1 inch lengths
1/2 cup french beans, cut into 1 inch lengths
1/2 cup broth or water

Mix first 4 ingredients together, then taste. Adjust seasoning to preferred salt/sweetness levels. Place the sliced pork in it to marinade.Set aside.

In a hot pan, stir fry the leeks, followed quickly by the french beans. Cook halfway through over high heat. Remove from pan and set aside. In the same pan, dump in the meat and marinade mixture and let this cook through. They will almost fry in the hot pan. Add the broth and the leeks and french beans and let everything finish cooking. Tatse and adjust seasoning as needed. I add more oyster sauce to mine.

Serve with rice or even on top of noodles.


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