Pea Fried Rice

Yes. I love split pea. I used to only have this rarely, getting the canned version (and then removing the skin tediously). Then I discovered we have it dried and split, in the grocery store. Then Matt introduced me to split pea soup. And now, I just add it to anything that needs more protein. 🙂

I like rice. Of course, I grew up eating 3 times a day (or more) everyday of my life. But when you are ravenous, and there is a really good viand to pair with rice, you end up consuming a lot of it. I mean rice is good, but a lot of it, hmmm. Not really. So I decided to amp up my rice.

Split peas and rice

I decided to make it into fried rice, with leeks and split peas. I sprayed the pan with canola spray, sauteed the leeks, then added the split peas until they almost seared. And then I added the rice.

Of course you have to consider that I really do LOVE peas with a passion. Other people might not like an equal amount of peas and rice. You can adjust it to your preference of course. But I am amping up the protein in this one to make me feel fuller.

It iis honestly just like a Chinese version of the Mexican version of beans and rice. It is a complete meal on its own.

Lovely, makes me hungry

Split Pea Rice Recipe

Oil of preference
1 stalk of a leek, green part only
1/2 cup cooked split peas
1/2 cup cooked rice
salt to taste

Saute the leeks in the pan with a light spray of oil. Once wilting, crank up the heat then add the split peas until it is dry and seared. Add the cooked rice, and let this stir-fry a bit too. Season with salt (or seasoning powder). Serve as you would regular rice.


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