Greek Pasta

There are just days that you are simply on a cooking roll. I usually am on a cooking roll. but some things I end up planning and  a day (or days) in advance. This day, I made three fabulous dishes that were just decided about 5 minutes before cooking. So that means that this, and the next 2 posts, were all made in one day! Yay.

I guess sometimes, I just think too much about the food. And not having to think , but come out with a light and healthy recipe is such a treat.

Looks greek to me!

I am still continuing to maintain my lean protein intake with beans. But I did want pasta. I do have my chicken breast in there, but I wanted something unusual. I was thinking of using garbanzos, and was googling it already, when I ran across a hummus pasta recipe. I did still have some in the fridge, and finding an odd ingredient as pasta sauce was refreshing. So I googled some more.

Basically, you use the hummus as the base, and add stuff into it. I saw a Greek inspired pasta dish with olives and feta dish, and a separate hummus pasta with seared grape tomatoes. I decided to combine that (minus the feta since I didn’t have any).

I had ate Pines cook the spaghettini already, and it was just waiting for me. I quickly seared off a handful of whole grape tomatoes in olive oil, and then set them aside. I then added the diced chicken breast and seasoned it with salt. Once cooked (it cooks really quickly), I added the hummus, and a bit of broth to loosen it, barely an eight of a cup. Once it boiled, I poured it over the pasta. Then I topped this with the tomatoes and some olives. And I added grated cheese as well. Just regular cheese, whatever I find in the fridge.

I finished one whole pasta serving! Which is so rare! I rarely am able to do that much unless I am really famished!

By the way, other people treated the hummus pasta as a cream-less alfredo sauce, which is actually reminiscent of that. I would add a lot of spice to it next time though, but damn it is good!

Greek Pasta Recipe

1 cup cooked pasta of your preference, set aside
olive oil
5 to 10 grape tomatoes
1/2 chicken breast fillet, diced
3 to 5 cloves of garlic, minced
1/3 cup of hummus
1/8 cup of broth or water
about 5 olives, or as much as you want
cheese of your choice

In a hot pan, add the olive oil, then sear the grape tomatoes until they pop. Set aside. In the same pan, add the chicken, and lightly season with salt. Add in the garlic, and cook the chicken through. Add in the hummus and just as much broth as needed. Let this boil, and adjust seasoning. Pour over the pasta. Top the dish with the seared tomatoes, olives and cheese.



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