Cottage Cheese Caprese Salad

Fake caprese salad

Two of my favorite things combined. Cheese and tomatoes. So what do I do when I have both and want to eat them? I combine them and make my caprese salad, It is a fake though, because I am using cottage cheese. But cottage cheese, at its freshest, actually is like chunky mozarella. Or at least our cottage cheese here is like that. 🙂

I washed the tomatoes, crumbled some of the cheese, poured some hummus flavored olive oil (I put too much olive oil in my hummus and some oil floated to the top, and it tasted good. Not putting that to waste!) and ate it to my heart’s content. I only figured after eating it that some basil leaves would have been great here. (The same thing I thought for the red chicken curry while I was already eating it.)

So there you go, one of my favorite salads, faked out a bit, but it was really good though, and I will for sure have it again soon. 🙂


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