Thai Red Curry Paste from Scratch

Dry spices

I love making use of my mortar and pestle. And Thai and Indian cuisines (along with Indonesian) are some cuisines that make use of these plenty. I have always wanted to make Thai red curry paste from scratch but don’t know where to find the dried Thai chili peppers used in making this. I found some fresh one in the supermarket the other day and decided to use them to make it.

Fresh ingredients

I looked up recipes and found substantial information on them. And decided to stick with this recipe because…. it had actual Thai letters beside the title name. So sue me for being superficial about it. But it looks legit, doesn’t it?

Ground spices

So obviously, my main flaw here is using fresh chilis. And using the whole chili as well, with the seeds and all. The website said it was a fruity chili and I thought that it wouldn’t be too spicy. How wrong I was. After pounding and pounding for a good 30 minutes to make all pasty, I tried it. It was hella spicy. Like killer spicy. I am not sure how to tame this down. I have added a bit of sugar, and most probably adding milk or coconut milk to it when cooking, but it was really deadly. The slight burns from chili splashes on my arms further proved the point

wet paste, not too red too 

I am not too keen on finishing this off. Or maybe more of, how am I going to finish this off? I will update you on my first red curry paste recipe.

I did enjoy pounding all of that to nothing though. 🙂


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