Sloppy Jose Spaghettini

So sometimes, you make something and it turns out just okay. Then sometimes,  you make something from that okay-thing and it turns out brilliant! And this feels like one of those.

I mean yeah, the sloppy jose had some normal veggies that I can easily put in pasta like capers and carrots (when beefing up the vegetable intake), but then there are some that I would only pair with pasta when it is a casserole, like raisins and pickles. But I figured the base is the same, all it needed was some noodles, and a bit of cheese. And that is exactly what I did!


I heated a cup of the sloppy jose mixture and let it dry, almost fry, in the pan. I did this wile I was cooking the spaghettini. I ended up lowering the heat on the sloppy jose because the pasta took longer than I thought it would. But once nearing al dente, I saved about half a cup of the pasta water, then added all of the still dripping wet pasta on the sloppy jose and mixed it. It actually already looked good from there, but I still added abour 3 tablespoons of grated cheese, and tossed it. Add some of the reserved pasta water if it looks dry. And my goodness, this turned out better than I thought it would! I will be happier eating the rest of the sloppy jose in a pasta dish!

Sloppy Jose Spaghettini Recipe

1 cup of sloppy jose, from previous post
80 grams of noodles, cooked
grated cheese, to taste
pasta water, or water, or broth, as needed

Heat the sloppy jose and ensure that the sauce mostly dries up. Add the freshly cooked noodes to the pan and toss. Add the cheese, and if necessary, some liquid (or oil). Taste. Serve as is.


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