Spaghettini with Porkchops

I was just on the elliptical watching Nigella Lawson (I am a fan, and yes, the irony) and wondering what to cook for lunch (yes, more irony, but I need to plan my family’s meals) when I saw her cook this. I love how rustic she gets when cooking. Nothing overly fancy, nothing that I couldn’t easily do at home.

Looks really good!

She started saying that she was going to make dish with tagliateli and roasted chicken. I mean, that recipe could go so many ways. But when I realized it was freshly cooked roasted chicken (and not leftovers as I first thought), I knew this was going to be different. She roasted a whole chicken, deboned it. And then the juices from the chicken, what you would usually use for gravy, then became the base of the pasta sauce! That alone was brilliant. She added pine nuts, and some chopped sultanas, and I think some kind of herb. And that was it! She used that sauce and poured it over tagliateli and then topped with the whole chicken, and that was it! It was very simple. Rustic. But I can imagine how good that it.

But of course, it was me. I don’t like raisins in my food, though I love raisins on its own. So instead of going sweet, I went sour.I went with capers and garlic for my dish. And instead of chicken, I had porkchops for lunch that I was ready to pan-grill on my cast iron.

It was really good

Though the dish had pork chops in it, I have done the chops, brined and grilled, a couple of times on this blog. It was after I have cooked the chops that this recipe starts. I added the garlic and capers and let this saute. Because the chops were mostly lean, I had to add a bit of olive oil. Then I added some of the pasta water (there were just no liquid in the sauce) and that was it! I had my cooked spaghettini waiting in a bowl, and I scooped the sauce unto it, and then mixed it. And it turned out glorious. Simple pasta, bright flavors, and really easy too.

I love how this meal became a complete plate, and a pretty one too. i didn’t eat all of that pork chop though, maybe just a good 2/3s, and I did get a second helping of the pasta because I downed the one in the picture after 3 bites. 🙂

Star of this blog post!

Spaghettini with Pork Chops Recipe

300 grams spaghettini, cooked
4 garlic cloves, minced
2 tablespoons capers, chopped
about 1/2 cup to 3/4 cups of water, broth, or pasta water
salt and pepper, to taste
oil, if needed

After cooking the pork chops in the pan, ensure that there is only about a tablespoon of oil. Remove if there is too much, or add if there is barely any. Add the garlic and capers and let this cook. Add in the liquid, and let all of the flavors meld and cook. Tate. Adjust seasoning if necessary, then pour over the cooked pasta.


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