Quick Eats: Rap’s Steaks and Cakes, Malate, Manila

The only reason I was there was because we had a store opening nearby and we had to eat somewhere. And this is where we ended up. This was near DLSU, a university, and so one officemate who studied there brought us to this student haunt. They were supposedly good on the steaks, and cakes from their name, but I am already dubious of these kind of places. If I wanted steak, I will go to Mamou, or another steak place with real steak.

Everybody of the group, except me and another one, ordered steak. I ordered salpicao. My order can also go really bad, but I am assuming this was easier to correct than a crazy tough steak. It came with rice and egg, and I was all set.

While we were waiting for the food, my craving for sweets took off and I went to their cake display. They recommended their cheesecake, which I know I wouldn’t get either. i was choosing between the brazo de mercedes, or the lemon meringue. And because I have never had a bad brazo, I just went for the lemon meringue. It wasn’t a tart. It was more of a crustless lemon bar, topped with  just a little meringue. It was kinda okay, nothing memorable. Everybody had a taste, and they found it good.

My order

Then came the mains. Just by looking at it, I knew that it wasn’t the fancy beef cuts that I was expecting. My dish was the first one to arrive, and it looked simple, and luckily, the beef was tender, like it was stewed. It was garlicky and buttery, as expected, and I was simply happy to have tender salpicao.

Then came the steaks. It was a disaster one after the other. The things were tough to cut and tough to eat. I was very relieved I ordered a salpicao or I would have made a scene right then and there. I tried it, and it really was hard to chew, worse than the steaks I produced when I was still learning to cook. Nope, not going back again there every.


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