Tater Tots

After my winning hush puppies, I wanted to make another evil fried food: tater tots. I always get excited when I see this on TV or think about it. I am sure I have tasted a really great one somewhere, like a food sampling maybe (where they even have really good fried brownies O_O. I think that that is the Ore Ida brand. And with the many food shows that show how to make the best tater tot, what can go wrong?

Potato nuggets

I followed this recipe, and I was extremely frustrated as to how it turned out. I would describe it as a chicken nugget-looking, hash brown-tasting fried potato morsel. I mean, I did end up eating half of it, and mom, the other half. But it lacked the texture that I was looking for, and it just really left me feeling disappointed. I am thinking it might be the kind of potato that I used. But here, we only have one kind that varies in age and size, unlike in the US where you can choose from 10 kinds of potatoes.

I do not want to do this again, and if anybody has a great recipe for me to try, or those who will actually want to make me try theirs, I would be delighted.


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