My Failed Sauerkraut

Sliced cabbage

I think I like sauerkraut. The fermented sliced cabbage of Europe. That is obviously generalizing, but the first time I tried it was in an Austrian Restaurant in Sydney, served with some crispy pata, or fried pork leg. It was really good and I actually liked the sauerkraut there. But here. Either I went too long, or I just really don’t like sauerkraut.

Stella helping me mix it

The direction was simple. Sliced the cabbage like you would for coleslaw. Salt it and the natural water in the vegetable would come out, and the lactic acid from it will ferment it. Season with caraway seeds (which I bought especially for this) and let ferment for a couple of days. So it said 3 to 10 days. I let it ferment for 3 days.

Fermenting. Still looked like that until day 3

I don’t know if I overdid the fermentation, or maybe I did it just right, but it was so sour, like unsweetened pickles, which I hate. The one I tried at the Austrian restaurant was more savory than sour. I ended up gagging, and throwing it out promptly. But googling as to what it is supposed to taste like, I think I did it right. But maybe it wasn’t the plain sauerkraut that I like.

Any ideas?


One thought on “My Failed Sauerkraut

  1. I’ve never liked sauerkraut, and it has always tasted grossly sour to me. I’ve tried it a ton of times since I’m German and supposed to like the stuff—but no. I can’t get past that sour grossness. So I think all sauerkrauts are sour! Maybe it’s just me though.

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