Beef Truffle Risotto

Fake risotto again! I am still not over this phase. I still used white lentils for this. And though it is never as creamy, ad d a little bit of cheese as thickener/binder, or in this case cream, and everything kinda tightens as how risottos are.

Beef Truffle Risotto

I just decided to use some sliced beef tenderloin as the base, some beef stock for the broth, and then added 2 tablespoons worth (for two servings) of my Eataly bought canned mushroom and truffle cream sauce. Usually I think this goes on pasta, but then, why not risotto.

I just followed the same procedures as the older fake risottos. As you can see from the picture, there is still a bit of liquid. But I added the cream too early, with the liquid not yet entirely gone. It dried up more when it cooled down.

I still think that the best risotto I have done recently is the seafood. Or maybe because I am just biased for it from the very beginning.


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