Beans and Coconut Rice

If you are new here, well, I have been on a great health kick and have actually really felt great with what I have been eating. I made something like this already before. Beans and rice. Matt inspired, as usual. I wanted again something like it, but not the kinda wet version that I had before. I googled rice recipes and found a combination of flavors that I like. Instead of just using coconut to flavor the broth, or just adding beans to make the rice a complete meal, I put that together and ta-dah! I have this new thing. This may be something of a normal dish in the Caribbean, with the combination of flavors and all.

With crunchy toasted bits of rice

First, I soaked some pinto beans overnight. These were quick cooking beans, but I figured a soak will still do me some good. It will still soften it and make it cook faster than its normal quick cooking time. The next day, I put it in with some broth and cooked it for a good 20 to 30 minutes. It was nicely cooked once done. Then, I added some coconut milk in the pan, then added about ½ cup of rice. I let this cook for about 20 minutes more and ta-dah! I have beans and coconut rice. It tasted fantastic actually, but this was all more or less estimated by eye so I am putting in measures that I think might be what they are. 🙂

And you know what I put on top of that? Mexican chorizo, as inspired by the recent magazine publishing that I had 🙂

With my chorizo!

Beans and Coconut Rice Recipe

½ cup pinto beans, soaked (you can also use kidney beans or any other)
2 cups broth
½ cup rice
1.5 cup coconut milk
salt, if needed

Soak the beans overnight and cover them with water thoroughly. The next day, rinse the beans off and cook in broth. Ensure that this is covered in enough liquid too. Once softened (which took about 20 minutes for mine), add in the rice, and just add enough coconut milk needed. Cook over low heat until rice is cooked, then fluff up gently to dry out the rice.

Serve with anything and it is darn good. Serve with chorizo and it’s the champ. I ended up eating 1 cup of rice because of this!


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