Chunky Split Pea Soup Recipe

With the sheer amount of recipe that I have made, and how much I experiment with my food, I am surprised that I regularly still discover things. Yes, with different varieties of what I already know like the sprouted lentils and white lentils. But I also discover a lot about my preferences, more and more everyday.

Chunky soup!

I have been making soup, and split pea soup for a while now, but I just discovered it recently when I made my most recent batch. I like my soups chunky, and not thick and creamy. So I made this batch (with sausages) and cooked it enough only that I cook the peas through, but not to mush. I froze half of the soup, so maybe that will turn into mush, but I like this chunky.

Funnily enough, I like my mung bean the same way. Maybe I should have realized that already, but a new discovery is always good!


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