Stuff from Sydney!

Cream egg

My sister and her whole family plus mom went to Sydney recently and the only thing I asked her to buy for me is Cadbury Cream Eggs. It was great timing because it was only 2 weeks before Easter when they went (so now you know how early I write my blog posts!) i have never tried a cream egg because… well, we never really had it here. And I don’t like missing out on food traditions that are easily knowable. So that’s the only thing I asked of her.

But we dont camp!

Of course she brought home loots and loots of local chocolate there, like Cadbury and Arnott’s items, like I did. But I am talking about the cream egg. I was afraid of finding it too much that I started with just the mini one. I did read that it is a chocolate shell, with a syrupy fondant filling resembling an egg (made of yellow yolk and white stuff). I took a bite and it was just regular chocolate. I licked the egg part, and  it was evilly sweet! I finished off the cream egg, and it was just like a sweeter milk chocolate.

Back to the cream egg

So what is my verdict, well, I don’t know why people go crazy over it. I love sweets to a fault, and this was too sweet for my taste. Maybe it’s the memory of childhood that keeps this selling.


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