Beef and Mushroom Cheesy Pearl Barley Risotto

I am still dreaming of the shrimp risotto from Aria when I decided to make this. But we didn’t have any seafood, or even just shrimp.  we actually have fish, but that isn’t too exciting. I could use more like mussels and other shells, but I would have been happy with shrimp.


I do have beef sirloin and mushrooms though, so I decided to start from there. And while reading through a recipe I googled online, I realized I have beef stock too, from a different dish. I had a  complete list of ingredients (that’s a first!) and can actually make this how it should be. Except that I  am using barley, because I want to use something whole grain and unprocessed.

The ingredient list was short, the instructions were easier than that of normal risotto. Or maybe it’s just me and my penchant for not mixing and mixing and mixing the rice/barley because it come sout thick anyway. I like this but I still am looking forward to making that seafood risotto. Need to get my hands on some seafood.


Beef and Mushroom Cheesy Pearl Barley Risotto Recipe

150 grams of tender beef
1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 onion, diced finely
50 grams of barley
5 pieces of button mushroom, sliced
about 1 to 2 cups of beet stock
2 to 4 tablespoons of grated cheese, I used edam, depending on your preference how much
salt, as needed

Season the beef with salt and pepper. Then in a hot pan with olive oil, sear the beef, cooking it through. Quickly add the onion, barley and mushroom, while still keeping it on high heat, to toast all the ingredients but not to burn it. Add about half of the stock to deglaze the pan and ensure all the barley are soaking in the liquid. Let this boil then turn to low , uncovered, and let the liquid dry off. Add in more stock, or water, just a little at a time. I don’t do much of the stirring, because the risotto comes out thick anyway. Try every now and then, every time the liquid dries up to see if the barley has cooked, but still al dente. I ended up using maybe a total of 2.5 cups. Then add the cheese. this will thicken the risotto considerably. Taste and see if you need more salt or seasoning. Serve warm.


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