Stir-Fry Hainanese Chicken

At home, we love our hainanese chicken. The simple yet heightened flavors of the onions, ginger and the chicken flavor are always welcome. I wanted to try something different this time and opted to make something like a hainanese chicken, but in stir fry form. So basically, the sauces are mixed with the chicken.

Hainanese chicken usually has two sauces. A ginger sesame oil one, and a soy sauce with chili and broth. These can be mixed together, or used only whichever you like. We like the ginger one so that’s what I added to our dish. I first sauteed the diced chicken in a hot pan. I then added the ginger and some of the spring onion, and a little broth and let this cook through. I added a bit of chili garlic for depth of flavor and that was it! I put this on a dish,topped it with sesame oil and more spring onion and ta-dah! Pretty. It came out pretty spicy from the ginger, but again, I have the lowest tolerance at home for spice, so my mom was exclaiming, oh, this is not too spicy at all (while I was breathing through my mouth and reaching for my water all the time). It turned out good.

I ended up making real hainanese a day later for me and ate. The flavors are similar, but the end product is totally different. And I am happy to always have these two in my recipe collection.

A lot of spicy ginger

Stir-Fry Hainanese Chicken Recipe

300 grams chicken breast, diced
about two thumbs of ginger, peeled and grated
spring oinion, about 10 stalks, chopped fine
chicken broth or water, about 1/2 cup
sesame oil to taste
salt to taste

In a hot pan, add in the chicken, season with salt, and stir fry quickly. Once it is mostly cooked, add in the ginger to let the flavors of the ginger roast a bit. Then add the white part of the spring onion, followed by the broth. Let the flavors come together and cook the chicken through. Allow most of the liquid to evaporate. Taste. Adjust salt as needed. Put in a platter and drizzle with sesame oil and the green part of the spring onion.


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