Shredded Chicken Ceasar Salad with Lentil Sprouts

I still have lentil sprouts from the first batch and I was thinking how I will be able to use them. Knowing they taste like alfalfa sprouts, i decided to use them like that and throw them in my caesar salad. I know, I know. i already just posted that recently but I made a change in the way I make it. So I think this will be great actually.

A whole lot of it

The major thing I made, was adding tons of protein. Salads are usually thought of more as an accompaniment and I think this is because you always feel hungry after. The solution to that? Add more protein in it. I was already doing it with chicken, but it feels you can only eat so much chicken chunks. But shredded is different. Not only do you feel like you are eating more chicken, but the flavors are balanced too. And the number of sprouts there too amps up the protein in the salad.

20160225_121307So I tossed the lettuce, and sprouts with the dressing. I generously sprinkled in about 4 ounces of shredded chicken and it looked almost like a chicken salad instead. I topped this with olives, tomatoes, croutons, and slivers of cheese. And you know what? This turned out to be the ultimate salad. It was filling, delicious, and kept me full throughout the whole day. Amazing. i can’t wait to do this again. I actually soaked more lentils in water to sprout them as soon as I finished off this dish! That whole bowl just served 3 generous portions.


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