Tuna Melt

Who doesn’t like a melty cheese sandwich? Everybody likes them. Especially with a crunchy crusty bread. So that was what I aspired and achieved to do here.

This is actually my way of amping up my protein intake, eating more tuna and beans. And imagining how it will be while I was making this. Yum.

First, I drained a can of corned tuna (I like the small bits better than flakes or chunks). I didn’t add onions or celery or anything to it. Instead I added two tablespoons of caesar salad dressing, plus about two tablespoons of grated cheese. And that was it. I mixed the three ingredients together, stuff them in two slices of bread, and toasted it on a pan over low heat with some spray canola, and it became crunchy. Yum. There was too much tuna, but based on my calorie and allocation count, I should eat it, so i did. And it was sooo good.

golden brown

Tuna Melt Recipe

1 can of tuna in oil, drained
2 tablespoon of caesar salad dressing, or any mayo based dressing, or mayo
2 tablespoons of grated cheese
2 slices of bread

Mix first 3 ingredients together. Place in between two slices of bread (as much or as little as you need) and brown in a pan until crunchy. Serve.


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