Quick Eats: Elbert’s Steak House

It is the nigh of Kars’ bachelorette (she is wedded by the time this post comes out!) and part of our plan was a fancy dinner before going out to the bars and uh, doing stuff. So there we were at Elbert’s Steak house in a quiet and unassuming building in Makati. We were the first people there.

Steak and sides

Most of us got the rib eye, which came with a salad, soup and sides. Ara ordered a filet mignon with foie gras. The side I opted for was risotto. And then the meal started quickly. First came the brie starter. it was fried, topped with a truffle cram of some sort. Then the salad with nuts and vinaigrette, which was good and simple. Followed by the french onion soup, which was just okay. Then the steak. Yes, the steak. The steak is served as I prefer, which is medium rare. The meat was delicious. It was not too fatty (like Mamou’s) And I do like their idea of not wanting to serve it with a sauce since I do love just salt and pepper on my steak. Half a portion of the steak was just enough for me and Sjeanz to share (though we did order an additional side).

We finished with some desserts. A sampler of the mousse, cheesecake, pannacotta, and crepe. The winner of the plate was the pannacotta! It was so light and creamy. i want to order just that next time.

Dessert sampler

I do like this place. The quiet, and the ambiance, and how secluded it is. I want to bring mom here actually. Soon 🙂


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