Chicken Ceasar Salad

I have been craving for a caesar salad recently, for what reasons, I have no idea. But I wanted it. Short of making everything from scratch, I just decided to buy  some dressing after a recommendation of my friend Kars of the Toscana brand. I have been seeing this in Santi’s but have been hesitant about buying it. But after having tried it at Kars’ house, well, I knew it tasted good enough to buy.

My filling and scrumptious salad

I also bought some lettuce from Santi’s (and they actually have really better quality too), and made my own croutons (saute some garlic in olive oil, then toss in old crusty bread in the pan after removing the garlic). Sear some chicken, and slice. Add some sliced salad tomatoes. And done!

I just assembled it mostly and it was really good. But like any craving, my want for it disappeared soon after I had a big bowl of it. I will have to finish the dressing in 3 weeks, but I am sure it will be finished easily.


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