Young Garlic and Chives

I have seen chives and used it. I have read about young garlic and it was only now that I was able to find it! We were in the Alabang Wet Market the other week when the vendor pointed them out. And we grabbed them! There were only two on display (but apparently there were more at the main stall) and wondered how we were going to use it.

My young garlic

The only really good recipe that I found was use it in adobo, whole. But I needed like two cups of the bulbs and I only had a handful. So I ended up adding it to the pasta and hoping it will turn out great.

Tiny bulbs versus a normal sized garlic head

For the pasta, the bulbs were too mild. I mean, I didn’t even notice them. Maybe a purer way of preparing them would be great. Any ideas? Except pickling them. I don’t like pickled onions and garlic though I love these bulbs.



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