Not a type ,Not kalamansi or calamansi. It is kamansi. I am sure I have mentioned it before, but not talked about it or featured it entirely. I have eaten it only a few times simply because it is hard to get unlike unripe jackfruit. Kamansi is barely bigger than a softball (or at least what I remember softballs were like when I was younger). They go bigger, but not really huge. I was asking mom what is the difference between the kamansi and the jackfruit, and she says that kamansi is really just eaten like a vegetable.

Spiny fruit

The spiny skin is actually soft to hold. Not prickly like jackfruit. And you peel the skin before slicing it. I have never had to prepare my own unripe jackfruit before so I really don’t know how that is done. But the holes in the kamansi grossed me out. I may have slight aversion to those holes, bordering trypophobia, but once sliced and I can’t see the holes, they are really good.

With the holes

I bet these things can be fried to a crisp, like potato chips. But we instead cooked it with coconut milk, one of my favorite preparations of vegetables. The main difference I feel from eating this compared to that of the jackfruit is that the kamansi is actually spongier, lighter in texture. So all in all, it was nicer to eat. Softer to chew. But honestly, I am happy with either of the two. But with the kamansi being hard to find, as well as cheaper generally, it was a pleasure to eat and have, like a treat on special occasions.


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