Tomato Salad

I have watched Jaime Oliver make tomato salad and felt the need to make it. I did and was disappointed! I didn’t know what would make people eat that when ugh, it isn’t even good. But my recent foray into Circles with their really good tomatoes made me realize that that was wrong with my salad. Local tomatoes have now been bred so they will sustain their shape for travel and sales. But those special tomatoes, cherry, grape, salad tomatoes taste so damn good I can eat them like I do apples.

So I bought some and sliced two of those. Nothing fancy. I sprinkled it with a bit of salt and olive oil. And damn, that was good! Now I want to buy a lot of fresh tomatoes, those nicely flavored ones, and constantly make salad out of them. What a good nutritious snack too!

After all the rich food that I have been having with Matt (he left already 😦 sad face), I think eating tomatoes for snack is a nice change. Back to the normal grind of being healthy. 🙂

Simplest Tomato Salad

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