Random Restaurants in Boracay

Of course there are still some restaurants I wasn’t able to feature simply because I have no quality pictures, or simply no pictures.

One is the Villa Caemilla Boutique Hotel. Another is the Treehouse Restaurant. Andok’s is another one, And I am sure we had another unplotted meal that we ended up having.

I did like the one in Villa Caemilla. I just ordered pork belly with fried tofu, and ordered a side of rice with it. Matt had a so-so sandwich. But I liked the view, the service and the food so I want to put this here.

Treehouse beefsteak

Treehouse we had beefsteak and rice, and pizza. I liked the feel of this, plus the music wiith the live band in play who took requests. This was about as simple a beachy a feel I can get from any of the places that we went to. The food was good, the vibe was better. But honestly, I was also feeling a bit sentimental around this time.

Andoks disappointingly ran out of food (we had to wait 45 minutes) to eat here so we decided to eat somewhere else instead.

Treehouse pizza, Cheap pizza

We ended up going to the buffet which had salad, tuna, barbecue, fruits, noodles and rice which was okay. You just need to eat your money’s worth I think.

True, all of these places deserve their own reviews, but I wasn’t able to properly profile any of these. So oh well 🙂


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