Quick Eats: Circles, Shangrila Makati

Hihs first plate

This was on promo when Matt came here and we decided to take advantage of it. The price was at P1260, which is 50% off of its usual price. Not sure why they went on promo, but we were going to try it. I have heard that the feedback was nothing beats Sofitel buffet. And I can confirm this now. I have always like Sofitel the best even with other hotel buffets I have tried. And this just affirms my opinion.

My first plate

First of all, their area is small, and tight. It is not as elegant as the others. Like you actually have to weave around people going to the buffet. And then, the selection is merely so-so. True, my favorite dishes are there too, like the cheeses and the salmon, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Sofitel.

His second plate

As usual, my first platter was cheese and cold cuts. Matt had a sald. Second plate of Matt’s was sushi and other stuff, and mine were meat and rice and other stuff. We also both had the grilled meats (not really great). Then desserts. I had a lot to eat, I cannot complain the sheer amount of food that we ate. But I was not raving about any specific thing really, which was disappointing. I was hoping that there would be at least one differentiating item that will make me rave about it. But not really.

My second one

True, I didn’t do the carving station, and my friend asked about it. But then that’s my fault. Maybe another try will make me find some possible favorites. 🙂

PS. I did love the tomatoes. I ended up buying some for a snack end of the week 🙂



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