Quick Eats: Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

I wanted Matt to see the sights of Taal (the confusing lake, within a volcano, within a lake, within a volcano), the smallest active volcano in the world.

The view, the trees and the lake and the volcano. Matt’s a good view too. 😛

It is a two hour drive from where I live, and it being a random day, roads were free and traffic was light. We did get lost a bit, but we found the most recently opened branch of Bag of Beans near the rotunda. Mind you, I have never eaten here.


We ordered coffee for Matt, fried shrimp and chips, and the three cheese pizza. We also decided to go with an apple pie ala mode, and their popular blueberry cheesecake The mains were actually quite so-so. But the desserts I really liked!  These seemed like a perfect pairing with their coffee.

Matt did buy some coffee beans from here and he rated them really good. I have no idea what is good and bad coffee though, so it is up to him to rate it 🙂


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