Quick Eats: Supermagic, Boracay

Sunset date

This is actually the same restaurant owner of the Sunny Side Cafe which served the fabulous wonut with Nutella that we had. I think Matt has been craving American food somewhat, and I do like my American (food) too. 😛 This was also technically a sunset dinner date.

To-die-for BURGERS

The menu was quite simple but they advertise having frozen custard (they were out!!!) and milkshakes (the selection was disappointingly limited as well). But the  main items they have. We ordered fries, which were evil good!!! I had umami burger, and Matt had the bacon burger. And you know what. Up to now, I can’t forget how good it tastes. The burgers were juicy. it was simple, but it was soooo good. I do recommend this place for burger lovers out there. Their options are simple, but very satisfying. And to be honesty, I was surprised how easily I took down the whole burger, which is a s big as Matt’s  🙂 But it was so good! 🙂

His milkshake

We also had strawberry milkshake (for Matt) and Malted Milkshake for me. They were okay, not that crazy great, but okay. 🙂



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