Quick Eats: Aria, Boracay

Well, so I remember the resto
Tired selfie
rolled pizza

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂 How apt to do this post today!

Located in the highly populated area of Boracay (which I really detest. We were in a more isolated area which I came to appreciate only after we went down to this area.) near the D’Mall, Aria was a highly recommended restaurant. We have also been having a lot of Italian for our date nights, and hey, who are we to fight fate (well not really).

The most so-so
Risotto! Will make this at home!

I just actually want the gelato. I was so tired this time, but we were also kinda hungry. We ordered a rolled pizza of some sort, a ceasar salad, and seafood risotto. First and foremost, the service was really so slow. It was a bit disappointing, and even other people were complaining as well. We got there early, and still our food came slow. But besides that, the rolled pizza and our risotto was REALLY GREAT. Like really good. And the gelato too! I would easily come back here, but maybe at a non-peak hour. 🙂


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