Quick Eats: D’Talipapa, Boracay

Talipapa is essentially a small market. The Boracay version is D’Talipapa, still a market, but what you would call here in Manila as the Dampa. It is where fresh food are on sale, and nearby restaurants offer to cook them for you in different ways. Grilled with all the stuffings, steamed, stir fried, etc. You had your choice. They charge depending on the quantity of seafood that you have, and the variety itself.

Yes, we finished all of that

In the market, we bought scallops, mussels, oysters, shrimp, and some sea urchin. We then marched to the nearest seafood market and had it cooked.

Mastered the art of peeling shrimp with utensils, a talent!

We had the shrimp just steamed. The oysters just grilled. The mussels and scallops were cooked in butter and garlic. Then the sea urchin prepared raw. We ordered rice, and that was it. We waited for our seafood party to begin.

My pictures are not blog worthy. I was a mess from the beach and the long walk to the market. It was also Matt taking all the pictures for me. 🙂


And what can I say, everything was so delicious that that 1/2 kilo of shrimp, 1/4 kilo of mussels and oysters and less than 1/4 kilo of scallops all went down easily. With the addition of calamansi and soy sauce, everything was perfect. But the sea urchin. Well, you can see from my face how I felt about it. 🙂 We didn’t even finish it.


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