Quick Eats: Random Resto in Puka Beach, Boracay

I do take it for granted the sheer abundance and easy access of seafood here in our archipelago. With the way the country is all islands and ports, you would easily find good fresh seafood everywhere, even those wild ones from the sea that I have no idea the names of and eat anyway. Matt does tell me how expensive seafood are in the US. Maybe it’s the sheer cost of transporting it to provide everyone with everything from everywhere. But whatever it is, I made sure he enjoyed the seafood here.

Fresh from the boat, snorkeling

So after a long tiring morning of snorkeling and (non) island hopping we finished at Puka beach as the last stop of our boat trip. There we were directed to a resto with a very varied menu, but we decided to stick with something simple and something local. We ordered for grilled fish and some onion rings.

The food!

The seafood, just caught fresh that morning, are shown to you. You can choose what size or variety you like, depending on what is available. This also goes from the crabs that they have on the menu. We opted for a dark flat fish that I only see dried, and really small. This one was about a kilo’s worth of fish.

Photo op with the view we had

Since Matt has never eaten a whole fish (like how we do regularly at home), he was, in his words, thankful for me “Americanizing” the fish. 🙂 Meaning, I gave him the meat, filleted it in essence so he will find it easier to eat. I think whole fish, as long as they aren’t really boney, are really better. Less processing, most probably fresher too.

The fish was nicely mild, and since it was only grilled, the flavors of the fish come out and shine on its own. I kinda did spoil Matt with seafood here, knowing how affordable it is compared to there in the US. More seafood posts to come, soon J


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