Quick Eats: Sunny Side Cafe

My Boracay chronicles are haphazard. Not really by the order that we had them, and not even complete. But I will do my best to post as much as I can about this trip 🙂 Some pictures are still with Matt too 🙂


More of a post-swim snack. We have already had breakfast and gone swimming when we decided to walk on the beach. We reached this place which was also by chance recommended by friends to try. Since this was about 10 am, and not really hungry enough for lunch, we decided to go with the dessert of wonuts. Waffle that are fried like doughnuts. Heart attack anyone? 🙂

Matt and his craft Pedro beer

It had bananas and cream and nutella, which I ordered an extra serving of, just to eat. And also Matt had a local craft beer, which to me tastes the same like any other beer 🙂 But this was a perfect dessert/breakfast/indulgence/evil good combination. I would come back to this for sure, even just for the wonut. 🙂


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