Quick Eats: Via Mare, Greenbelt 1, Makati

My dessert which came first

I have never eaten here, and this was recommended by my ate since the place served Filipino food, complete with an assortment of rice cakes that Matt can try. We went to have lunch there with my friends (“meet the friends”) and we ordered pako salad, a fern salad which I usually like, as well as crispy pata or fried pork leg, and some bibingka, a rice cake reminiscent of pancakes, but thicker and cooked on charcoal.

Ugh. My pako salad

Since we were early too, we ordered coffee for Matt and guinumis for me. I do love , guinumis. It is a dessert with tapioca, pinipig (crisped rice) topped with ice and fresh coconut milk. I did enjoy this iimmensely though I honestly have never had bad guinumis.

Meet the friends, Maggie and Kelvin missing

The pako fern, which I really like, was surprisingly too sour for me. I don’t know if it was the mustard, or the kind of vinegar they used, but I am not able to handle it. I took a bite and I was done. Sad to say, I didn’t enjoy it at all.  Not in picture (because I forgot to take pictures) was the crispy pata, which was really good, as is any other deep fried pork, as well as the bibingka, with its toasty top. I really like it. If I will be coming back for anything in this restaurant, it would be the guinumis and bibingka.



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