Quick Eats: Oasis Café, Solaire Resort

I apologize for my week long absence. I tried to fill the posts until week three that Matt was here so I don’t have any empty days, but just couldn’t! Now we have more stuff to post, stuff I did with Matt! So yay!

Date night, first of many

We weren’t in the mood to fancy it up that night we stayed in Solaire. What was supposed to be an Italian date night turned into a quite night at the café simply because everything on the Italian menu mains looked a tad too heavy for our liking. We went to Oasis Café instead. A quieter, less obtrusive restaurant within Solaire.


We ordered caprese salad, sliders and an order of dimsum, which was 3 each of hakaw and siomai. Light and just what we needed. The food took a while. An order of soup would have lessened the wait maybe, but the salad with playful banter in between worked out magnificently. Surprisingly, though the menu looked like a hodgepodge, the food came out great. I loved everything that was served on the table. The salad was as refreshing as I imagined it to be, the dimsum as meaty s they are when eaten in a high end restaurant, and the sliders are really good flavorful bites. Nothing was too fussy or fancy, but everything was simple and smack-on, just as we wanted.


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