Quick Eats: Teresita’s of Pampanga

I have been eyeing this small kiosk in SM Southmall the past month but the only time I went up to them, they have ran out of the only thing I wanted to try which was the halo-halo. I mean, they only have 3 items on the menu  (the other stuff were palabok and dinuguan) , you surely should have all of them available.

20160110_180418Days flew by and mom and I were looking for a new place to try. I was hungry but wasn’t sure what I was looking for. A couple of restaurants didn’t pass much to my liking, so when we finally passed by this area,   I was happy to see there were customers seated in their small area, and what more, the halo-halo was available!

The portions were generous, especially knowing that the main brand they are competing with is about 50% more expensive! And what more, it actually tastes great! Like really good, better than its competitor Razon’s. I am pushing the brand to other people and make them try it. Surprisingly though, a lot of people buy from there, considering that they only sell a few items. But happy to find a new great find!



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