Quick Eats: Cara Mia Pistachio Cake

Cara Mia is more of a gelato or ice cream place. I am not sure which. I don’t recall if what they have are great ice cream, but my sister bought cakes for the household for the new year.

It is a sponge cake that is supposed to be pistachio flavored. And you can already see my hesitation in describing it as “supposed to be”.

I can clearly see the nuts on top of the cake, but the pistachio cream filling layered with the sponge are obviously just flavored creams. Which, NEVER, tastes like the real thing. You would think that with the layers in the cake, it would be very good. But a bite lent its real disappointing flavors.

No more cake from Cara Mia.

20160101_001913 (1)
Looks good, yeah

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