Quick Eats: Chef Du Partie, Rockwell

20151230_123328 (1)

With the prolific number of restaurants coming out and up, it is so hard to keep up with the many restaurants in tow. Glad my cousins were adamant that we try something new. We ended up  in CDP in Rockwell, just beside Mamou Two.

We requested that the churros be served along with the tacos

I wasn’t sure what the cuisine is when we went it, it was a mix of everything, and upon searching it now on the internet, it is because it is some global cuisine restaurant of sorts.

Pork chops

We settled on corned pork chops, soft tacos, chorizo fideua, and churros. A mix of french, mexican, italian and spanish.

I really ended up liking all of the food, which is quite surprising. I like how the pork chop was served with chili garlic rice, as well as the fideua, though I felt that it needed more meat. The churros were good too, and so were the soft tacos. And the thing is, the restaurant felt fancy, but the prices were just right. 🙂


I would love to go back here and maybe try the lamb or whatever other stuff are  in the menu. The mix is quite cool and great 🙂


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