Cornmeal Pancakes

Ever since I made the corn muffin, I have been looking at ways to use up the cornmeal. I know I can use it for polenta, but that isn’t really a popular item in the household and I will be eating all of it (or at least most of it) on my own.

20151230_070058I found a recipe for cornmeal pancakes about a month ago already and I used it as an inspiration to make this pancakes. I already know how to make pancakes from scratch, so this is about as easy as adding cornmeal to the mix. On my trial basis (a small tiny one bite pancake), I realized that I do like the pancakes fluffier, thicker. and mine was a bit too loose for my liking. I added more baking powder, flour and cornmeal to make it thicker. It ended up making fabulous thick pancakes. Fluffy.

Toasted (?) pancakes

While I was eating it, I noticed that they are like  fried cornbread batter made into pancakes. Sweet cornbread, that is. And since they are so thick, I do know now that I don’t like pancakes generally because they are flatter than my preference. But this one turned out brilliantly, if I do say so myself!



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