Pan-fried Enchilada

This was supposed to be a fried enchilada. Like in oil. Like a chimichanga. Matt told me about a lunch he had and I was excited to somewhat make it as how he had it. But the healthier side of me came out and I refuse to eat it fried in oil. And the fact that my tortilla is actually too small to be properly closed to be pan-fried. (Next time, I will get the bigger one.)

The filling

So this was technically just like any other wrap. Leftover chicken, fresh tomatoes, lightly cooked chopped onions, chopped cillantro, and cheese. Yes, I did slices of cheese because I was lazy to grate.

Healthy inside!

I was then supposed to wrap this up, and I couldn’t. So instead I used a foil to wrap it close, and heat it to crunchy highs in the pan. The verdict, not so good. I mean, it was okay. But I have already imagined myself eating a chimichanga, or something like it. Hence it came out a bit frustrating. Maybe buy a bigger tortilla and use olive oil to fry it! Next time 🙂


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