Salt and Pepper Mill

Ever since I started watching those fancy schmancy foreign cooking shows on cable, I was excited to get my own  one. Every time though that I found one that looked good, it would turn out to be  whoppingly expensive, meaning I wouldn’t buy it for the life of me. I finally found really cheap ones for a quarter of a price in Landmark department store years ago, and bought 3. I gave one away, one broke, and now I am on my third. They last quite a while, and I am happy to have bought three of that.

Salt and pepper

So come Christmas time, we get random gifts. This one is actually my ate’s, not mine but since it is a kitchen tool, I took it under my care. Well my mom made me. I wasn’t too keen actually on it simply because it was battery operated. I think that I am somewhat iffy about battery operated things in the kitchen. Machines are good, but battery.. not really.

I decided to acquiesce to mom’s request anyway and fix it to make use of it. I put in the batteries, filled it with rock salt and whole peppercorns. And ta-dah. It works so slow. My hand turned black pepper grinder works more fabulously than the slow grinding of the battery operated ceramic wheels.

It is pretty to look at, true. but will it last long? I have the feeling it won’t.


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