Quick Eats: Meat Depot, BF Homes Paranaque

Merry Christmas to everyone! 🙂


How timely of this quick eats to be posted. Considering I eat steak maybe just 3 times a year, this would have timed itself for the  food indulgence of Christmas.

It was an opportune time that we were invited to have lunch here. I do like the concept built by Meat Depot. They have different cuts of meat, ready for choosing and ready for the grill. You decide how you well you want it cooked. Afterwards, you choose the side, then get your drink and utensils, and you wait for the food.

20151215_123249 (1)
Foie Gras

I am not sure what cut of meat I got, but it was the rib eye with lots of other muscles around it. It was cooked to medium rare, which I love. But to be honest, this wasn’t the best steak I have had. Actually, it doesn’t rank as top.

Spicy Revel bar

I feel guilty saying this especially since it was a fun (and free) experience. Maybe it was cheaper, so the cut wasn’t as high a grade as I expected it to be? I just didn’t it quite as much. I would still go back to my default Mamou 🙂



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