Japanese Cheesecake and Pudding

I have already featured Kumori before here. And I really didn’t want to emphasize the brand, although this is the only Japanese bakery I have been to in a while. The Japanese cheesecake is touted to have the fluffy version of cheesecake, compared to the creamy version of the American ones (which I utterly adore). I didn’t k now if I was setting myself up for trouble trying this, but there was nothing to lose.


A single really small cheesecake was about a dollar, it was so small you can finish it off in two bites. It was a sponge layer, with a creamy cheesy middle. I am not sure if all cheesecakes have this combination. It was delicious. But if it was only the sponge, nah. If the cream center, then maybe it was fine too. 🙂

The pudding reminded me of the pudding I made before. Which is actually good. I can skip the caramel altogether, but maybe it is what made it different. Having known how to make this, versus the price I then paid which is more than $2, now that felt extravagant. But clearly, this is a food stall that wasn’t gonna be cheap. Affordable, maybe, but certainly not cheap.

Original pudding

I will most probably try their more popular pastries one by one. Until I try them all. i have yet to be disappointed 🙂

And note, all the pictures are in my car. I was supposed to bring these h0ome but ended up getting stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam going home. I got hungry and they both disappeared. To be fair, the cheesecake was really tiny.


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