Chicken Leg Mushroom

So this is a kind of mushroom. This is not a recipe of chicken (using chicken leg) and some mushroom. Oddity for the name, but yeah, it is chicken leg mushroom.

Chicken Leg Mushroom

I always see this in our store and have never bought it because it looked unnatural to me. I have never seen a recipe call it or use for it either. But I was curious. I always am curious. So I decided to buy one. Besides, it is cheaper than the white and brown button mushrooms, as well as the shitake and portobello mushroom.

Pasta. And chunky mushroom pieces

I was figuring out how to cook with and I decided for my basic dish. Add it to some pasta and sausages, along with some chili flakes, and ta-dah! You have a simple dish.

But first, I tried it raw. It made my throat itch a bit, so I was afraid that I might be allergic, but I tried it again later, raw and cooked, and it was fine. The difference with this mushroom was this didn’t completely collapse like other mushrooms do. This kept its shape, and I am thinking this will be fabulous as a mushroom filling with its chunks keeping its shape. I will have to try and taste it again, like actually taste it and savor it. 🙂


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