Quick Eats: Tipsy Beans, Jupiter Street, Makati

Looked promising

I was looking for new restaurants to try on a day that I will be with Ara. We had a fitting/measurement thing going and we will be lunching together before that. I researched restaurants that were both nearby and seemed nice. This one SEEMED nice. It was featured on a Philippine website, twice. So I thought this might be a good deal.

Hmmmm. A few doubts

The menu online seemed wishy washy, but the drinks sounded more promising.

We got there and this place was small. It would seat about 15 people but this would involve overhearing everyone conversation.

Wow. How sad

I ordered the bacon milkshake, plus Hungarian sausage pasta, and ara ordered some kind of cheesy bomb sandwich and Vietnamese cold coffee. I expected something eclectic like this with their chalkboard signs would churn out delicious food and drinks. No. Disappointing really.

Fancy decor for nothing

First, they don’t have condensed milk for their coffee. Really? Isn’t that basic? And a lot of supermarkets nearby too. Second, the sausage in the pasta was almost nonexistent. The milkshake used ice and milk instead of frothy ice cream. Yikes. Really? And well, Ara’s sandwich looked sad too. We ordered some nachos with cheese and salsa too as a filler, but they didn’t have salsa either. Yeaaaaah.

So it was a lot of disappointments. I would have been happier trying the Thai and Japanese restaurant beside Tipsy Beans. But maybe not since they are managed by the same company. So much for good reviews. it was bad for me all the way.


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