Chicken Biryani (A More Authentic Version)

Half done

I didn’t say this was authentic. What I said was this is more authentic than the usual that I make, which is basically just a curry mixed with rice.

Cooked but not too pretty

Biryani is one of my favorite Indian dishes and I like it meaty. I do have then tendency to eat more rice when I have this simply because everything just tastes so darn good.

All mixed up

The more tedious steps of parboiling the rice and actually baking  or cooking it further is what I skip generally, but I was in a mood for a challenge.

Spices and stuff

But of course, the more complicated the recipe, the more stuff on hand I didn’t have. I didn’t have basmati rice and used our regular long grain rice much to my frustration. I also didn’t have prunes so I skipped that too. Some of the spices I didn’t have like saffron. But I think it turned out pretty darn well. The rice was softer, less fluffy, than what I wanted. But it turned out great generally.

Other stuff

I used this very lengthy but very thorough recipe. And over-all, I was happy, except for those times I bit into cardamom pods. Which is more of a very annoying surprise more than anything. But I really like having to work with a lot of spices, which I did unmeasured, and mostly based this on taste and feel. 🙂



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