Green Cardamom Pods

I bought cardamom pods a couple of months ago and kept it in storage until I was ready to use it. I was on an Indian food kick for a while, and it involved buying cardamom pods and black mustard seeds (all the way from Singapore!) But I haven’t used any until now. I have a lot of seasoning in my pantry with all the stuff I bought from the US as well. 🙂

Green pods on the right. The cinnamon and cloves went all together.

So what is the difference between this one and the black ones I already have?

Green pods are more “fruity” almost dessert like. It also had more scent/flavor or just generally stronger. The black ones was more earthy for me, like I wouldn’t use them for dessert 🙂 But I did use the green ones for a savory dish. 🙂



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