Meatballs on Wholewheat

Remember my meatballs? I was thinking of adding them to pasta, with cheese and a bit of cream. But then I got the smarter idea of going for wholewheat pasta (I am being sarcastic here). I just read a infograph how whole wheat stuff are best for you, I mean I knew that already, but I just read it. And we do have leftover wholewheat pasta (that I refuse to touch anymore after the first time because it was horrendous).

Love the sauce.. the pasta. ūüė¶

So the meatballs actually improve with age, or with the reheating, maybe absorbing more of the liquid. And the addition of the milk (I didn’t have cream) and cheese made it even better. BUT THE PASTA. The pasta. I have to say I did really find it horrible. I don’t ever want ¬†to experience chewing through. I would rather not have pasta than to have that.

I do like whole wheat. I love oats. I love the nutty breads. But pasta is made to be hearty and not like you are chewing on sticks. Maybe it was the brand? Any recommendations then?


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