Pan Fried Fish Roe

So for the first time readers here, announcement, I do like fish eggs. And I am not talking just about having caviar those mouth popping salmon eggs and tobiko and ebiko in Japanese cuisine. I like fish eggs in all possible ways. I even seek the eggs out (along with the liver of some fish) in the fish aisle, or the ones bringing us fish from somewhere else. Yeaaaah. I do like them.

Fish roe

I usually have them cooked in ginger and tomatoes, as how my grandma cooked them before. But I have experimented on a lot of fish eggs like drying them into botargo in two ways. I do still have those in the fridge. This one now is a recipe I found in one of my random cookbooks at home. It actually uses shad roe.. which I have no clue is what. So I assumed tuna egg will work.

First, it required that the roe be braised in butter. So I seasoned it with salt and pepper, poked it with a fork, then put it in some melted butter in a pan. I did something wrong here. I cut the sack thing to split them. Which apparently meant splitting open the fish sacs! I finished cooking it like this anyway. The last thing to do was squeeze two calamansi directly into the pan and let this dry into the fish.

The next step was supposed to slice and coat the fish roe, then coat it with breadcrumbs before frying. But since it opened, it was all spread out and falling apart somewhat. Coating it in panko, which I opted to do, was good, but it also involved a lot of the roe falling from the whole thing. In the end, there was enough of the fallen roe to mix into the leftover panko to make like a “fish crumble.” I first finished frying the bigger pieces in olive oil, then added the fish crumble and fried it into a crisp to make a nice topping of sorts.

20151207_195903 (1)
Crunchy fried

The perfect thing to pair this with is rice. Pasta would have worked perfectly too, but I already spent enough making the roe before I realized that. But in any case, this was absolutely gorgeous for me. Like eating meaty fish, flavored with calamansi, with a perfect crunch to it. I could have finished the whole thing if I wasn’t counting calories (or if it wasn’t fried). But I would love to have this again. And maybe next time be able to properly butter braise it. 🙂

Pan Fried Fish Roe Recipe

about 3 to 4 tablespoons of butter
fish roe
2 calamansi for  2 6 inch roes

olive oil

Melt the butter in a pan over low heat. Prepare the roe by seasoning it with salt and pepper, and then piercing it with a fork. In the pan, cook in the butter until done completely, turning it a couple of times  Once cooked, add in the juice of the calamansi and wait for the juice to dry, remove the roes from the pan.

Slice the roe into 1 1/2 to 2 inch pieces. Coat in breadcrumbs and fry in olive oil until crunchy. Serve on rice, or with pasta.


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