Kosher Salt

It was only when I started watching Lifestyle Network, meaning American shows, that I got introduced to kosher salt. It is supposed to be really great salt, from what I have heard, and everybody just uses it. Or so it seems. I never was that curious about it, and just knew that the ratio is always half of regular table salt. Only until that time that I found a box of that kind of salt in a local supermarket. So I bought one.

Himalayan Pink Salt, freshly cracked
Kosher salt
Rock salt in the middle

A kilo of rock salt costs maybe P20 to 30, and slightly more pricey for table salt, maybe P40. Nothing crazy or wild. But kosher salt is P150. That’s about $3.50, so nothing too crazy. But considering it is more than double the price of the other salts, then it seems crazy. It has been in my pantry for a couple of months until I finally decided to look into it and discover what the salts’ differences are. I remember talking about the “purer” Korean salt before, but I never really differentiated it anyway else.

So I tried it. First the kosher salt. It seemed uneven in size so I wasn’t too sure on how it will be. But it melted fine in my mouth. Not too sharp. I tried the rock salt. Gritty, you have to chew on the crystals. But it was fine too. Next I tried my freshly cracked Himalayan Pink Salt. Good too, also uneven in texture. But trying all of it made me notice the difference. The kosher salt is gentler in delivering the salt flavor, maybe because it is in flakes. And maybe this is what everybody is raving about. But seriously, unless I am planning to sprinkle a bit of salt on top of the food I am serving, this isn’t as necessary. Nice to have, but can live without.


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